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[22 Sep 2005|06:17pm]
[ mood | drained ]

wow have no updated in about a year so thought i would....

Last friday-the day was going good. then it got even better when i got a single roseCollapse ):) hehe then game. we won! then Tom, Kassi lynn and Ian came over watched movies fell asleep.

Saturday- float then Pig Roast at Kassi's next door neighboors. Had so much fun wtih those 3 again. LACEY was there. was sad she couldn't spend the night with us. TACO BELL trip deff. then funnest thing of my life.we like to be quiet alot. hehe stay at KL's.

Sunday- woke up kassi went to work. we went and ate at DQ to talk with her and stuff. Tom took me home. Hung out wtih Rachel before she left. she left. :( then had our first powder puff practice. that was funnnnnn.

Monday- school and what not. went out to eat with Angie, Cassi, Andrew and Joel.chinese is the best. practice. thought i was going to die hehe. after pracitce tom and i hung out :).

Tuesday- sick 1-3rd hour. then went to school 4-6. Student conciel. then practice. then slept.

Wednesday- school. practice. went to float for about 2.5 STOP TO SEE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. AKA DEE!!! went to the soccer game to see my KL. talked so some people. came home. Tom came over. we went over to "bob's" hehe cause kassi and ian were there. then came home. went to bed.

Today- school- gymnatics- practice

tonight. kassi lynns is coming over. megan and joe are here. relaxing night.<3

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never knowing. [23 Aug 2005|06:23pm]

1st Sem.
1*spanish 1- hollopeter
2*Gov. - mishler
3*Contemp lit- Hughes
4*show choir- Proper
5*algebra II- Moreno
6*horticulture- fromm
-- 4th lunch

1*spanish 1- Hollopeter
2*Algebra II- Rapin
3*contemp lit- Croel
4*show choir- Proper
5*Micr/off2000- Broadway
6*Economices- Street
-- 4th lunch
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[27 Jul 2005|10:38pm]
This week and weekend*
+got up to central
+went tubing
-about broke my foot
+WENT TO THE KILLERS CONCERT with ben anthony tammy chad and RACHEL!
+spent the night at rachels

+Anthony and i went shopping
+got a new shirt.
+went to the drive in

-/+ hung around the house
+got ready went to stephis
+hung out with everyone
+Watched launga beach.
+++andrew and i made plans to go there after HS

Tuesday/ Yesterday
+woke up at 10
+Kyle called me at 10:05
++++him and Joey came over
-joey left
+Hung out all day with kyle
+went to joey's
-waited forever for him to get down mowing the lawn
+went and got stephi, then kyle joey and allie all came over
+watched movies
-everyone left

-got up
+got ready
+went to bay city for my dress {that i'm starting to like}
+then went to saginaw for practice
++++++Happy birthday tara i love you.
+got back went on a walk with my mom & mrs. mcmurray
+++++++++++++++++++++++ MR. MCMURRAY LET ME DRIVE THE CORVETTE!!!!!

now i'm just here :)
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-i don't know what to think- [20 Jul 2005|04:20pm]
[ mood | blah ]

"tell her u think that she's cool. tell her why u think she's so cool. smell her. talk to her in movie theatres. pick her up and pretend ur going to throw her in the river, she'll scream and fight u but secretly, she'll love it. hold her hand and skip. hold her hand and run. just hold her hand. pick her flowers out of other people's gardens and give them to her. tell her she looks pretty. let her pay for stuff if she wants to. introduce her to ur friends as 'the coolest girl i know'. sit in the park and talk to her. take her to the library and playgrounds and train stations. tell her stupid jokes. talk about politics. write poems about her. just walk around with her. throw pebbles at her window at night, when she starts swearing at u, tell her u love her. take her to shows of bands she's never heard. let her fall asleep in ur arms. call her. call her back if she calls u. sing to her, no matter how bad u are. carve ur names into a tree. get her mad, then kiss her. give her piggy-back rides. give her space if she needs it. push her on swings. stay up with her all night when she's sick. make up pet names for her, but cool ones, not sappy ones. teach her guitar. lend her ur cds. write on her. make her mixtapes. write her letters. if she asks u to go to a show with her, go, even it it means a 5 hour train trip. take her to cool shops and let her take u to even cooler ones. when shes sad hang out with her or stay on the phone even if shes not saying anything. buy her ice cream. let her take all the photos of u she wants. look into her eyes. slow dance with her, even if the music is fast. kiss her in the rain. when u fall in love with her, tell her."

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i think i'm falling hard. [15 Jul 2005|11:38pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

last night.....we just won't talk about.

+woke up at 11
+went out to lunch with my mom, anthony, mrs.mcmurray, ben & sue.
+got ready
+went to allies
+saw people:)
-Joey threw me in with my clothes!!
+++++kyle and i are good again
+went swimming andrew and i like to do funny animal things into the water
+saw josh serveoll which i haven't see in a long time
+++andrew sang to me
+sang really loud with kyle and andrew in the beamer
+Got to drive josh car


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would ya? [14 Jul 2005|06:10pm]
[_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me?
[_] lick my cheek?
[_] listen to music with me?
[_] dance with me?
[_] make me breakfast?
[_] tap me on the butt?
[_] help me with homework?
[_] tickle me?
[_] let me tickle you?
[_] carress my body?
[_] say yes if i asked you out?
[_] want to wear my clothes?
[_] instant message me?
[_] greet me in public?
[_] hang out with me?
[_] bring me around your friends?

D0 Y0U...
[_] think im cute?
[_] think im hot?
[_] want to kiss me?
[_] want to cuddle wit me?
[_] want to hook up with me?

[_] aquintences?
[_] friends?
[_] in a relationship?
[_] gonna have kids?

AM i...
[_] smart?
[_] cute?
[_] funny?
[_] cool?
[_] loveable?
[_] adorable?
[_] compassionate?
[_] annoying?
[_] great to be with?
[_] attractive?
[_] mean?
[_] odd?

[_] thought about me?
[_] thought there might be an "us"?
[_] thought about hookin up with me?
[_] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
[_] wished i were there?
[_] grabbed me?
[_] had a crush on me?
[_] wanted my number?
[_] had a dream about me?
[_] been distracted by me?

ARE Y0U...
[_] done with this survey?
[_] happy you know me?
[_] mad at me?
[_] thinkin bout me?
[_] going to repost this so that i will return the fav?
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never thought i could feel like this [09 Jul 2005|12:00pm]
[ mood | scared ]

-tennis meeting
-got my glasses
-"double date"
-coach carter
-phone call i rather of not recieved.
-danielles for the night

-Got home around 9
-Dollar store with my mom
-Carebear coloring book! haha
-Rachels coming home
-McNulty's later with her:)

Pictures from yesterdayCollapse )

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[06 Jul 2005|12:56am]
Read more...Collapse )
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my name is scared. [30 Jun 2005|01:09am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

last night dee and i went to andrews. hung out there and watched 8 mile. then We left around 8:30? or something i don't know. went back to her house. talked online. ate. got some great phone calls:) then we watched tv. and fell asleep. woke up today adn felt like crap. got sick a few times so i called my dad to pick me up. then came home and slept for a few hours then talked to andrew he invited me/dee & korey over to go swimming at his moms so i went up to tennis courts to take dee away. called korey we all got ready. Dee and i went and got korey then we went got andrew then went to his moms. got in the water it was soooooo warm then his step dad took us out tubing. Dee was the first one to fall off then i did 2 times. andrew 3 times then korey fell once while the boat wasn't even moving haha. the storm came in so we went inside. then anderw and i went and got hot and ready pizza's brought them back ate them while we watch american pie 2 the i took everyone home. stopped by and saw my twins and the whole family. then came home talked on here. then hung out with Joaquin:) after he got off work.

tonight i got asked a question and i said no. and i don't know if i made the right choice or not i'm really confuesed. and i have so much on my mind. and ugh o well. now i'm off to bed.

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[29 Jun 2005|01:15pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

this is sooo sad.if someone is trying to tell you how much you mean to them don"t just blow it off....Collapse )

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- [25 Jun 2005|10:19pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

this summer has been fun. i've been hanging out with dee going to tennis hanging out with others to. tuesday after the pistons Anthony Mandy Ash Ben & Joe all came up north with me. we went go*karting batting cages put put golfing it was so much fun. and we swam like all the time we weren't doing anything. manda and i had a very deep talk on the paddle boat. i'm so glad i got alot out i needed to. then we all just hung out and what not. i love going up there it takes all my cares away. :) yesteday we got home. today went to brittany k.'s open house with anthony and hung out with him for the day. think tonight i'm hanging out with alex. just kindof stood up that last min. didn't work out but didn't find out til about 9:30

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[17 Jun 2005|11:02am]
[ mood | crappy ]

this summer so far.
+ went to grand rapids
+hanging out with my twins
+hanging out with Dee
+hanging with some other people
+Becoming friends with someone i miss. and someone who always make me happy
+Looking for a job.

-Always looking for other things to do tho. give me a call.

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[06 Jun 2005|07:55pm]

Part Romantic Kisser

For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance
You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea
The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood
It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

Part Expert Kisser

You're a kissing pro, but it's all about quality and not quantity
You've perfected your kissing technique and can knock anyone's socks off
And you're adaptable, giving each partner what they crave
When it comes down to it, your kisses are truly unforgettable

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[01 Jun 2005|09:08pm]
over the weekend.Collapse )
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*prom 2005* [07 May 2005|05:53pm]

-those are pictures from last night. just some of them cause the there are toooo many to put in there. so yeah i'm bringing the rest monday. i had an awesome time with Keith he was a wonderful date. john and melissa and him meet here around 6. took tons of pictures. then went to the place it was alot of fun dance most of the night. then back to melissa's john and i built a fort! while keith and mel played DDR. then we all ate food. played DDR. melissa and i like to bug the boys! then we watched Meet the Fockers. all fell asleep stayed up till about 4. had to get up this morning take keith home around 8:30...fun 4 hours of sleep. got home went got my pictures devopled then took a nap. fun fun. tonight might be hanging out with some people not really sure whats going on.
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-*imissthewaywewere.*- [01 May 2005|08:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Friday- School then practice. after practice went over to the varsity boys baseball game. corey johnson and ryan were there. we talked made plans with other people to come over to my house. they were going to have a poker game. so Johnson/Cheny/Joe/Bobby/Dee/Ryan and Matt Slate all came over they played poker i just sat and watched. then after matt won everyone left except Cheny and Matt we watched Anchorman and then they left.

Saturday- Show Choir. I love show choir. the girls in it make it so much fun! had that 10-12 then my friend ashley and i went over ot the track meet for like 20 mins. talked to a few people took her home. then went and got heather and we went to my sisters work and got prom shoes and earrings. then went to the mall and got a bracklet. hehe on our way home there was 4 car fire so we had to go the back way home it took forever it seemed like. then we took her home. got ready keith came and got me at 7:30 then we went over to melissa's and hung out with her and john for the night. we had so much fun playing DDR and movies and hot tub. hehe melissa and i have our plan for the future now have to tell the guys haha. me and john decided we want to be spiderman. haha cause were lazy. boys went back to johns around 1:30

Today-Keith came and got me and brought me home. then i went to church with anthony. cause i dind't want to go alone. then went out to lunch with him and his rent's. came home then went with heather and Jayne job hunting haha i love those girls we had alot of fun. i like to run into things and jayne just cracks me up and the guy at ruby tuesdays wanted me. haha yeah right. :) now i'm just hanging out with the fam

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[20 Apr 2005|08:12pm]
going to only use my Greatest journal for a while.
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[27 Mar 2005|11:37pm]

Comment if you want to be added.

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-* one upon a star*- [26 Mar 2005|03:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

todays been good. woke up got ready and went with my mom to a few stores. got a tank from hollister/running shoes/ and dress shoes. and some other little things. drove my mom around for a while and what not. come home and clean the basement....that took about an hour.talked to andrew on the phone....he had to rub it in my face thats he's in fl... now i'm about to go clean my room and hang out with my sisters. since the whole family is finally home at the same time. we all watched the OC had "family time" lol umm...thats about it. road test next wed!! i'm pumped.... hopefully will pass! then after that heather and the twins are coming with me to midland hotel. girls night!!!! :)

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[22 Mar 2005|04:21pm]
Post a comment with a memory of me.
It can be anything you want.
Then post this in your journal.
See what people remember about you
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